Music Ally readers of a certain age will remember the days when ringtones and wallpapers were a big chunk of the ‘digital music’ market. We haven’t thought about wallpapers for years now, but a Los Angeles startup called Gogopix has: they’re the heart of its first product.

“Come for the wallpaper, stay for the party,” is how the company’s website trumpets its offering: an Android app offering thousands of wallpapers designed for smartphone homescreens – including in-app purchases as a business model. It’s also looking beyond that: “Do you make Instagram Stories? You’re in luck! Gogopix are perfect backdrops for music stickers,” suggests the site.

The company’s AngelList profile positions it as creating “digital merchandise for music fans” while making it clear that the app is just its “first product to market”. Its founder, Zach Poag, previously founded a curation-focused music startup called Playlist Radio.

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