Music metadata expands with DDEX’s new MEAD standard


Music-metadata standards organisation DDEX is launching its latest standard: Media Enrichment and Description (or MEAD for short). It’s a significant expansion of the metadata that labels and distributors provide to digital services with their music, based on brainstorming sessions back in 2017 with the likes of Apple, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, major labels, collecting societies and other interested companies and experts.

“MEAD will allow for over 30 types of additional data such as lyrics, reviews, historic chart positions, and focus track information to be communicated through the supply chain, which will support new service options and marketing opportunities,” announced DDEX yesterday.

DDEX will be holding a webinar on 10 October – you can register here for it – to discuss MEAD and what it will mean for the music industry. The idea is certainly good, although the chequered history of the accuracy of existing, basic music metadata means we’re not getting carried away with MEAD’s potential just yet.

Stuart Dredge

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