Cardioid app offers context for Spotify’s algo-personalised playlists


In March this year, Music Ally wrote about a new music app called Crush, which aimed to bring together Spotify with artists’ own social-media feeds, to help listeners find out more about the musicians they were listening to – while listening. Seven months on, Crush is relaunching today with a new name, Cardioid, and a revamped iPhone app.

Product lead C.Y. Lee tells us that the aim is to be a ‘companion’ to Spotify, encouraging people to get more context on the artists featuring in their ‘Discover Weekly’ and ‘Release Radar’ playlists in particular. Its website explains the sources for that context: “Know when artists have a fresh Instagram Story. See what they’re up to on Instagram and Twitter. Hear their music on SoundCloud and Mixcloud. Support their work on Bandcamp and Patreon.

Read about them on IMDb and Genius.” The plan is to update Cardioid once a month, with an upcoming addition set to be “discovering with friends”. In some cases, Cardioid is bringing artists’ social content into its app, while in others – Instagram stories for example – it’s directing fans to the original app.

Stuart Dredge

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