Startup Reveel wants to help musicians make better metadata


The market for helping songwriters and artists create good metadata while writing and recording songs is becoming pretty busy in 2019. We know about startups Session (formerly known as Auddly) and Jammber, while music company Create Music Group launched its ‘Splits’ app in May as a way to record royalty-splits as early as possible in the creative process. Now there’s one more for the list: New York-based startup Reveel. It’s inviting musicians to sign up for a ‘creator ID’ on its platform, then to link it to every track that they work on, in order to “let others know how you contributed” as well as to keep track of projects.

“Reveel helps artists, record labels and publishers collect metadata so their songs can perform in today’s environment,” as its website puts it. “In today’s voice environment, it’s easy to ask ‘Alexa, play a song with Eric Clapton on the guitar’, ‘Hey Siri, who plays this guitar solo?’, ‘Hey Google, play more songs by this producer’ But are your tracks equipped with the extended creator credits required to maximise fan engagement?”

Stuart Dredge

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