Sonos is testing a subscription plan for its speakers


Fancy a Sonos speaker but aren’t sure about buying one? If you’re Dutch, you may be in luck. Well, if you’re one of 500 Dutch households chosen for the test of a new subscription plan called ‘Sonos Flex‘, you may be in luck.

The Verge reports that the plan has several tiers: €15 a month gets you a pair of Sonos One smart speakers; €25 a month gets the speakers plus a Sonos Beam soundbar; and €50 a month gets the speakers, soundbar and a subwoofer too. The plan will see speakers replaced when new models come out, although it’s purely a rental scheme: there’s no point where people will have paid enough to get to own the hardware outright. Although limited for now, Sonos will be gauging demand for this kind of scheme to roll out more widely. It sits alongside other hardware-subscription plans: most prominently, Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program.

Stuart Dredge

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