Spotify finally gets an Apple TV app and Siri integration


Big news from Spotify’s drive to be on as many devices as possible: it’s now available on… Armani smartwatches! Okay, that’s not *the* big news from Spotify’s drive. Yesterday saw the company finally integrate with Apple’s Siri voice assistant, meaning that Spotify listeners can now use ‘Hey Siri…’ commands to use the app – if their iPhone has been updated to the new iOS 13 software – by adding ‘on Spotify’ to the end of those commands.

Spotify also announced a new app for the Apple TV device, finally making its service available on Apple’s set-top box. As far as we can make out, this raft of announcements doesn’t yet extend to Siri integration on Apple’s HomePod, which was one of Spotify’s key points of anger in its anti-competition complaint about Apple earlier this year.

Stuart Dredge

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