Even after Siri integration, Spotify jabs at Apple again


This week, Spotify launched an Apple TV app as well as integrating with Apple’s Siri voice assistant on iPhone, which you might think represented a rapprochement of sorts between the two companies, following their longstanding anti-competition disputes. You’d be wrong. Spotify has updated its ‘Time to Play Fair’ lobbying website’s timeline of “Apple’s behaviour” down the years, breaking out the Caps-Lock key to deliver an unimpressed verdict on the latest news.

“Apple FINALLY announces that it will allow Siri integration on certain devices,” claims the new timeline entry. “Apple, for the first time (and after years of unavailability), will allow Siri integration with Spotify, letting users on certain devices with iOS 13 control Spotify using their voice. However, you still can’t choose Spotify as the default music player. And unless you mention our name (‘I want to play [X] on Spotify’), every time you give a command to play audio, Siri will default to Apple Music and so will your Apple device.” With regulators looking on, on both sides of the Atlantic, it’s clear that Spotify wants to head off any suggestions that Apple’s opening-up of Siri has made everything tickety-boo between the two companies.

Stuart Dredge

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