Spotify launches its ‘Daily Drive’ playlist in Germany


Spotify launched its ‘Daily Drive’ playlist in the US in June. Aimed at commuters, it was the company’s first algo-personalised playlist to combine music and ‘short-form podcast news updates’, with the aim of offering a more radio-like experience. Now Spotify has launched ‘Daily Drive’ in Germany too.

As in the US, it offers a combination of “your favourite songs and artists interspersed with tracks you’ve yet to discover” with newsy clips from podcasts. In this case, the sources of the latter include Deutschlandfunk’s ‘Nachrichten’ and ‘Spiegel Update’ and Zeit Online’s ‘Was jetzt?’.

Spotify hasn’t said how quickly the playlist will roll out to other markets, nor what defines which countries get it earliest. A ready supply of local, daily news podcasts from reputable sources will be a key factor, of course.

Stuart Dredge

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