Survey suggests US teenagers prefer YouTube to Netflix


Young people like YouTube? Who knew?! But according to a new survey conducted by US investment firm Piper Jaffray, the fact that American teenagers prefer YouTube to Netflix is newsworthy.

The study found that 37% of teenagers stream video most often from YouTube, while 35% do so on Netflix. Bear in mind this is a measurement of their most-used platform: the percentage who are actually using both services will be far higher.

The same study also offers some new figures on US teens’ smartphones of choice, claiming that 83% of them now own an iPhone, up from 82% this time last year. While Piper Jaffray surveyed more than 9,500 teenagers for the study, that high figure for iPhone ownership does make us wonder about the demographics beyond age here. Recent figures put out by tech firm DeviceAtlas suggested that overall (for all ages) iOS has a 59.5% share of the US smartphone market, with Android on 40.4%. If Piper Jaffray’s figures represent a true picture of US teens (including those from less-wealthy backgrounds) that’s… interesting, especially for the future prospects of Apple Music.

Stuart Dredge

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