On Friday, we covered Spotify starting to slowly open up its Canvas feature to more acts and posting a related blog that gives tips on how those using it can get the most out of its assorted features. One of the tips was “try creating a theme or narrative that crosses an entire album” such as having a different video loop for each track that, when played in sequence, creates a story of series of connected visuals”.

Obviously planned before the Spotify announcement last week, K-pop act SuperM have been building something interesting here along those very lines. They asked fans to upload photos of themselves on Twitter and to tag the band. The resulting entries were then collated and added to Canvas where they are constantly updated across the seven tracks on SuperM – The 1st Mini Album. Each photo is given a red wash and the ban’s logo added so that, regardless of who submitted a photo, there is aesthetic consistency. It is a really simple, but highly effective, idea where a multitude of fans can quickly and easily get involved and they will – one presumes – happily play the tracks over and over again to spot their face and get their friends to play the tracks so they can claim bragging rights. It clearly helped as the mini album has gone to number 1 in the US, making them the first K-pop group on their debut to enter at the top of the Billboard 200.

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