Virtual-reality music startup MelodyVR has announced its latest partnership: telco Telefonica UK, and its O2 operator. It’s all relating to the launch of its faster 5G network.

MelodyVR has been signed on as “the exclusive music partner of O2’s 5G UK launch”, with customers getting a 12-month subscription to MelodyVR bundled into their contracts. Note: the subscription itself is new, with MelodyVR having recently announced plans to shift from an a la carte model of charging for its content to subscriptions.

O2 will also be giving its ‘premium’ 5G customers Oculus Go headsets, on which they’ll be able to use MelodyVR’s app. “O2 will remunerate MelodyVR for each of their customers that utilise the promotion and will guarantee a minimum number of subscribers during the course of the first 12 months,” revealed MelodyVR in its announcement to investors this morning.

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