Nordic collecting societies launch Polaris Hub with Facebook deal


Collecting societies getting together to form licensing and processing ‘hubs’ is a familiar trend. In Europe, there’s already ICE (set up by PRS for Music, GEMA and STIM) and Armonia Online (originally founded by Sacem, SIAE and SGAE, with others joining since). Now meet the Polaris Hub, which is a collaboration between three Nordic collecting societies: Koda in Denmark, Teosto in Finland and Tono in Norway.

Led by Åsa Carild, formerly of STIM and ICE, the new hub will “facilitate reporting, and revenue collection and distribution collaborating with NMP (Network Music Partners) as well as acting on behalf of Koda, Teosto and TONO in all multi-territorial online negotiations”.

Alongside the news, the Polaris Hub announced a licensing agreement with Facebook, covering the three societies’ repertoire as well as that of Icelandic society Stef.

As with other such deals, the agreement covers songs represented by the societies to be used for user-generated content on Facebook, including Instagram, Oculus and Messenger.

Stuart Dredge

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