Fans of music/tech startups that sound a little… out-there will enjoy Synaesthetic’s ambitions.

“While listening to music is great, we have evolved to look for things we hear and want visually-enhanced musical experiences, like concerts and music videos,” is how the Boston-based company’s website explains its plans. “We are developing a new musical medium, that is more engaging and practical; through classical music theory, cutting-edge AI, and neuroscience, our music visuals are nothing like you’ve seen before.”

The startup’s name is inspired by the medical condition synaesthesia, where senses are joined (think of musicians who can ‘see’ sounds).

Synaesthetic’s plans are to create a hardware/software combination that can bring this kind of experience to a wider group of people. “Our patent-pending ‘Light Speaker’ hardware platform and ‘Synaesthetic Algorithm’ produce immersive, AI-generated music visualisations that are personalised and evolving,” as the website puts it. With no demos available yet, this is all just talk, but we’ll admit we’re curious about what the company may come up with.

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