When crowdfunding platform Kickstarter first started making waves in the music industry in the early 2010s, the pitch from artists was often ‘help me to make my new album independently’. In 2019, in the case of artist Liz Longley, the pitch is ‘help me to buy my new album back from my label so I can release it independently’.

Longley’s new record is ‘Funeral For My Past, which she finished a year ago and handed over to her label (Concord, according to Billboard). “The label was in transition & I got lost in the shuffle. This album will not get the attention it deserves at the label. I’ve decided to take the music into my own hands. I am going independent!” wrote Longley in her Kickstarter pitch. “In order to release my new record, Funeral For My Past, I have to first buy it back from the record label. If we raise $45,000, you’ll be the first to hear it.”

With just over a day to go, Longley’s campaign has already raised more than $125,000, far surpassing the original goal. Longley is already making plans for the extra cash: music videos, a vinyl release, merchandise and a concert streamed online for the 1,100-plus fans who’ve chipped in.

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