Tegan and Sara battle touts with ‘rush seating’ at their gigs


Tegan and Sara are excellent, so news of them playing to a half-empty venue is disheartening. But doubly so because it wasn’t the result of poor ticket sales: according to Billboard, the sparsely-attended gig on 30 September in San Diego was because touts had snaffled most of the tickets.

The duo have fought back, however, by launching ‘rush seating’ for subsequent concerts. The band’s team identify how many tickets are available on secondary sites, and then allow that many fans to show up to the concerts and get a seat for “pay what you can donations” to the artist’s foundation.

“Through coordination with venue staff, Tegan and Sara’s team eyeballed open seats and filled them with fans lined up at the door. If a ticket holder arrived late, ‘rush seaters’ were moved to another available option,” reported Billboard.

“We’d combat the scalpers, fill the theatres with die-hard fans and raise money for women and girls in the LGBTQ community,” added Tegan Quin. “For the fans it was a relief, a second chance to see the show. For our team it was a solution to a terrible situation.”

All power to them: it’s another case study for other artists battling touts to consider using.

Stuart Dredge

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