Pandora adds full song credits to its web and desktop apps


Pandora is the latest music-streaming service looking to give more credit to the people behind recordings. It’s now showing ‘full’ song credits for millions of tracks in its catalogue, for both free and paying listeners in its website and desktop applications.

“The first few credits are visible on a song’s details page. To view the full list of credits, just click on ‘See All Song Credits’ to see all of the people who participated in bringing your favorite tracks to life – from background singers to songwriters to the guy who played the marimba on ‘Sweet Emotion’,” explained Pandora in a blog post aimed at listeners.

The announcement is part of a wider campaign launching today from the Recording Academy in the US. Called ‘Behind the Record’, it’ll see more than 200 artists supporting (in Pandora’s words) “the need for credits and the range of creators who contribute to the music recording process”.

Stuart Dredge

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