Could Bytedance’s music-streaming service be called Yinyuebang?


Several reports over the course of 2019 have pointed to TikTok’s parent company Bytedance’s plans to launch a music-streaming service, likely focused on developing music markets, with strong social elements.

Now there may be some more information on how those plans are coming to fruition, originally reported by Chinese news site TechPlanet, with western site TechNode relaying the claims for English-language readers. It includes a name for the new service – Yinyuebang – with a website up and running with the slogan ‘listen to popular music, make like-minded friends’.

It’s clearly early days still: “The music platform’s website has a library which currently consists of 26 songs popular on Douyin, the domestic version of TikTok.

The songs are created by artists in Douyin’s independent artist support program and are owned by the short video app.” That leaves open the possibility that Yinyuebang could be a separate entity focused on Douyin’s originally-commissioned tracks.

Bytedance has been negotiating with labels already, so its new streaming service will have more than just independent content: in May, reports suggested that Indian music companies T-Series and Times Music were already on board.

Stuart Dredge

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