Deezer launches dedicated app for 360 Reality Audio tracks


Deezer is one of the streaming services supporting Sony’s new 360 Reality Audio format. As it turns out, that support won’t just be playing out within Deezer’s existing mobile app.

The company has launched a standalone app called 360 by Deezer for Android and iOS devices. It requires a paid subscription to work, and will play what Deezer describes as a “small but growing music library” of tracks and albums mastered in the new format. The new app will ‘sync’ with Deezer’s existing app, to make playing the new format a smoother process for listeners.

There’s also a partnership with Sony (as in consumer-electronics Sony) tied in to this: certain Sony headphones will come with three months access to the Deezer HiFi tier bundled in, and a reduced price of £14.99 a month once that trial period elapses, rather than the usual £19.99 a month. This may, in part, also be a reaction to the recent launch of Amazon Music HD, which undercut its hi-res rivals.

Stuart Dredge

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