Music-marketing platform Found·ee has been publishing some of its latest metrics, including details of a campaign run by classical musician Lindsey Stirling in support of her latest album ‘Artemis’.

The company says that Stirling’s team at Friends at Work and BMG “directed ads to Amazon helping to increase sales 105% after release week and maintain higher sales through the first three weeks of the album release”. This was part of the company’s announcement of its ‘benchmarks’ for the third quarter of 2019 for its ‘Max Clicks’ and ‘Premium Sites’ ad-targeting features.

“Campaigns targeting found·ee’s performance-focused Max Click inventory saw median cost-per click (CPC) of $0.28, more than 50% lower than Google’s benchmark of $0.64,” claimed the company. “Premium site inventory, which includes domains like rollingstone·com, pitchfork·com, and others, delivered a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) of just $1.89, just a fraction of what direct placements would cost on comparable sites.”

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