Hungama launches loyalty program for music and video streamers


Indian digital-media firm Hungama has launched a new loyalty program that spans its music and video-streaming services. It’s called Hungama Rewards, and involves people earning virtual ‘coins’ (no, not in a cryptocurrency way) for the actions they take on both services. Those coins can then be exchanged for various rewards, including digital subscriptions and offers, but also physical merch and even devices from the likes of Amazon and Xiaomi.

Hungama’s CEO Neeraj Roy said he expects the loyalty program to spur people to use the video and music services more often, and to spend more time on them. The loyalty scheme also means they’ll need to log in to their profiles on the services, using their social-networking profiles, email addresses or mobile numbers. Like loyalty schemes in a host of other industries, then, it should be a valuable source of data for Hungama on its customers.

Stuart Dredge

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