Netflix launches its first fictional podcast… with Spotify


We all know about Netflix’s business making original TV shows and films, but the company is also exploring the podcasts world. The latest example is a show called ‘The Only Podcast Left’, which Variety notes is Netflix’s first scripted (i.e. drama) podcast: a six-episode affair telling the story of a group of teenagers during an apocalypse.

This isn’t quite as big a strategic curveball as you might think though: the show is a spin-off from Netflix show ‘Daybreak’ – extra content designed to flesh out the TV show’s universe, with an original story.

Also interesting: ‘The Only Podcast Left’ will be exclusive to Spotify between its launch on 7 November and 12 December, when it will make its way to other podcast platforms.

Netflix has a team working on these kinds of ideas, too. “We love how podcasts give creators more freedom to explore and go deeper into elements of their stories, and we see original scripted podcasts as the next level in world exploration,” Netflix’s Rae Votta told Variety. “A scripted companion podcast is an exciting new format for the medium,” added Spotify’s Lauren Jarvis.

Stuart Dredge

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