Swiing will be a friends-powered music-discovery app


If Music Ally had a pound for every nice-looking ‘discover music based on what your friends are listening’ app we’d seen since the dawn of the app stores, we’d have… well, likely more money than all of those apps collectively ever generated in revenue.

Swiing is the latest startup hoping to buck that trend and build a following (and then a sustainable business) from the idea. It will offer a combination of social signals and AI to offer its recommendations, when it launches. “Users are presented with a feed of songs recommended by their friends, followed by the top 200 filtered by their favorite genre.

Users swipe to like, dislike, or re-share song clips shown to them,” explains its profile on investment site AngelList. “Swiing facilitates a larger volume of peer-to-peer music recommendations, by giving users social currency for good recommendations.

Swiing plans to expand the concept of incentivising recommendations to different forms of digital media.” The app is currently signing people up for the launch of its beta test.

Stuart Dredge

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