VCs explain what they’re looking for in voice-tech startups


Smart speakers and voice assistants are getting the music industry excited, but there’s a wider ecosystem of startups out there looking to do things with this technology: not just music, but podcasting, games, interactive narrative and other applications.

TechCrunch has an interesting piece interviewing five venture-capital executives about what they’re looking for in voice-tech startups. “We’re focused [on] three broad categories: personalisation, new behaviours/new interfaces, and monetisation,” explained Betaworks partner Matt Hartman. “We will then see voice move from a music and list creation tool to one which quickly becomes part of popular culture around shopping, games, travel, meditation, etc,” added Lightspeed Venture Partners partner Nicole Quinn. There’s more in the piece (although the last two-and-a-half VCs are paywalled).

Stuart Dredge

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