PRS for Music launches a data dashboard for songwriters


PRS for Music is the latest company to join the analytics bonanza with the launch yesterday (5 November) of a bespoke royalty dashboard for writers, their managers and publishers. It is available to all PRS members through their online account profile, and covers streams, downloads, broadcast, live and business usage of their works.

Users will be able to get trend analysis on their compositions, segmented by revenue type and territory. They will also be able to track performance/use over set time periods to better understand where and how certain songs are growing in use and what their peak revenue lifespan is.

“As a member myself, I believe that the tool will revolutionise the way we interact with our royalty data,” said Simon Darlow, deputy chairman of PRS and songwriter.

The dashboard will sit alongside other tools for songwriters and publishers, from Spotify’s publishing analytics to dashboards and/or apps from Kobalt, ASCAP and SOCAN.

Having publishers and PROs launching bespoke data tools is one thing, but having more DSPs creating and publicly launching their own publishing analytics is also needed (which in turn may help those PRO and publishing tools evolve).

Eamonn Forde

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