Sony Music to make a daily satirical podcast with The Onion


Sony Music Entertainment is partnering with satirical website The Onion to launch a new daily podcast in 2020. ‘The Topical’ will go live in January and will deliver daily sideswipes at the news and current affairs. It’s part of a wider trend towards shorter, daily podcasts that fit neatly into people’s work and home routines. Not to mention the moves being made by Spotify and Pandora to enable podcasts to slot in to playlists alongside music – the former company’s algo-personalised ‘Daily Drive’ playlist being a prime example.

‘The Topical’ is also part of Sony Music’s wider drive around non-music podcasts. It launched a joint-venture with veteran podcast execs Adam Davidson and Laura Mayer in May, the first fruits of which arrived in the shape of investigative podcast ‘Broken: Jeffrey Epstein‘. This was followed up in October with a deal with producer Renay Richardson in the UK to create the JV Broccoli Content.

Working with an established and respected brand like The Onion makes a lot of sense – and it has plenty of experience here with productions like ‘A Very Fatal Murder‘ (its spoof of the true-crime podcast genre).

Eamonn Forde

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