It’s Mariah Carey’s Christmas; we just live in it


‘All I Want For Christmas is You’ is Mariah Carey’s biggest streaming hit by a distance: it has 511.9m Spotify streams and 555m YouTube views, for example. The ‘Merry Christmas’ album the track originally featured on is getting the ‘deluxe anniversary edition’ treatment for its 25th anniversary this year, too, while in the UK Carey has just debuted in a Christmas-themed TV ad for Walkers Crisps.

She’s going to be ubiquitous this festive season, in other words. But just to be sure, Carey has also just launched a ‘Mariah’s Must-Haves‘ partnership with Amazon, with a bunch of Christmas-gift selections. The first things you see – unsurprisingly – on her list are Mariah Carey albums, books, figurines and films. But scroll down and her picks are less solipsistic.

Apart from the Vahdam x Mariah Carey – Christmas Joy Tea Gift Set. Oh, and the Mariah Carey holiday onesies (“coming soon”). There’s a vintage-style turntable ($42.18), good for playing your ‘Merry Christmas’ anniversary 180g coloured-vinyl ($19.91) on. There is also a Bluetooth-enabled vanity mirror (a snip at $389.99), a 32-inch butterfly kite, karaoke machines, diffusers and more. It’s like peeking inside Mariah’s head. Ergo, it really is, as a marketing tie-in, delightfully perfect on absolutely every level.

Eamonn Forde

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