Podcast industry lets loose with its current frustrations


Hot Pod News is an excellent news site for anyone trying to get under the skin of the fast-evolving podcasting industry, and its latest feature shows why. The site has been surveying its readers on their current frustrations with the way the podcasts world works, all anonymously. It’s a collecting steam-venting that will make useful reading for the Spotifys and Pandoras of our industry, as well as the music companies ramping up their podcast strategies.

From comparing the bigger podcast companies’ treatment of creators to “the way major labels took advantage of young artists in the 70s” to an “overwhelmingly New York City centered” culture in the US, taking in “weak-ass ad sales across the board” and “the utter lack of vision and meaningful experience among audio industry ‘leadership,’ and said leadership’s ongoing refusal to seek honest advice from producers who have both”.

For Spotify and Pandora in particular, who both want to build their podcasting businesses by solving some of the industry’s current problems, the article is an excellent wishlist of places they might start (or, as a warning, of mistakes they might be making).

Stuart Dredge

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