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Spotify’s family of algo-personalised playlists has a new member, joining the likes of Discover Weekly, Release Radar and Daily Drive.

The new playlist is called ‘Off The Wall Wednesday’, and we’ll let you guess which day of the week it updates on… It’s also different from those other playlists, because it’s a partnership with a brand: Vans.

“Get a new playlist you can kick it to every Wednesday,” explains the site where people can sign up to get the playlist. “Personalised just for you and influenced by 53 years of Vans history in music from Sidestripe Sessions and House of Vans to artist collaborations and Warped Tour.”

While the partnership appears to come out of the US, the playlist can be signed up to beyond North America – this bulletin was written to the strains of Idles, Little Boots, Georgia and Gregg Allman playing on our version, which we signed up to from the UK.

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