Startup Venu is launching a new D2C fan-loyalty platform


The latest startup hoping to apply the idea of loyalty schemes to music artists is Boston-based Venu. Its Android and iOS apps are billed as ‘coming soon’ on the company’s website, which sets out how it’ll work for artists and for fans.

In the former case, artists will be able to post their news to fans who’ve signed up (“no algorithms or middlemen charging you to promote your content”) with analytics on how fans are listening, sharing and also attending concerts from each artist.

“Venu’s Proprietary Fan Ranking System tells you who each of your fans are, what their level and rank is, and why they are that fan,” as the company puts it. “By engaging your biggest supporters on Venu and creating meaningful relationships with them, you’ll sell more tickets, sell more albums, sell subscriptions, and garner more sponsorships.”

From a fan’s point of view, they’ll earn points by following artists, checking in to concerts, listening to music and other activities, with the promise that they can “unlock awesome benefits from your favorite artists for each new level you reach” – examples being voting on setlists, getting early access to new music, and private concerts, depending what artists want to offer.

Stuart Dredge

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