Duo Tegan and Sara aren’t happy with their merchandising operation. In fact, they’ve asked label Warner Records to shut it down, and will soon be launching their own D2C store.

“Today we’ve asked Warner Records to shut down the T&S online merch store. Their warehouse is experiencing a huge backlog that is affecting all Warner artist stores and there is no definitive answer about when remaining pre-orders will ship and this is just unacceptable to us,” tweeted the group’s official account. “We have requested Warner not take any new orders for Tegan and Sara merchandise as we have lost faith in their warehouse’s ability to fulfill those orders in a timely manner… In the meantime we are close to being able to launch our own independent online store, so standby for news on that soon.”

Their series of tweets went on to apologise to fans for the problems. “To have the Hey, I’m Just Like You pre-order get fumbled so badly pains us. The changes we are making will allow us to have much more control, so we can avoid situations like this happening ever again.” Ouch.

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