Qobuz ditches its MP3-quality tier and lowers hi-res price


Hi-res music-streaming service Qobuz is (in the US, at least) getting rid of its cheapest MP3-quality tier, and lowering the cost of its higher-resolution offering.

“MP3 is really bad for music, artists, and listeners – so Qobuz is saying ‘no’ to MP3 and now offers only real studio quality in one accessible plan,” said its US managing director Dan Mackta in a statement. That plan will cost $14.99 a month, compared to the $24.99 a month that its ‘Studio’ plan launched at in June.

It seems clear that Amazon’s recent launch of Amazon Music HD with its $14.99-a-month price (and $12.99 for Prime members) is having an impact on rivals. Qobuz’ plan also has a $149.99-a-year option to save a bit more money, while the company will continue offering its ’Sublime+’ annual plan for $249.99, which adds discount on hi-res download purchases to the streaming options.

The company is certainly optimistic. “With the new plan, we will be pouring gasoline on the growth that has been kindled by our unique relationships in the premium audio hardware and retail industries,” said Mackta.

Stuart Dredge

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