Liberty Media is the company that owns a majority stake in satellite-radio firm SiriusXM – and thus Pandora – alongside various other assets (Formula One racing included).

In its latest financial earnings call, CEO Greg Maffei had some things to say about podcasts and the wider audio sector, in response to an analyst’s question. “Podcasts are a great example of how audio content continues to expand… The audio day between AirPods and Alexis and other kinds of distribution devices is only expanding and is well under-tapped both in monetisation and in time,” he said.

Music Ally readers with a sensitive disposition may prefer to stop reading now… “When you think about how to differentiate that audio day, you moved from a world of music, which is somewhat of a commodity. It’s table stakes, everybody’s got to have it to a world, where things like podcasts are an example of exclusive.” Maffei went on to suggest that while the costs of podcasts are rising “it’s still far less cost per hour than what you get in video”

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