Magic Leap has linked up with Spotify to make the latter the first music service available for its One Creator Edition augmented-reality headset. And it certainly has some AR bells and whistles.

“The app is spatially aware, so you can pin recently played artists, albums or tracks to specific locations in your home. And because content builds over time, you can collect and curate the perfect playlists or soundscape for each room in your space,” explained Magic Leap. “Share your sofa with up-and-coming bands, meet your idols in your kitchen, explore new albums in your garage.”

So, as a headset-wearer walks around the home wearing the headset, they can see album covers and playlists in different corners where they pinned them, using the device to scroll through the stacks of music they have built up to pick what to play. It’s the first music-streaming app to use Magic Leap’s ‘Background Music Service’ (BMS for short) which Music Ally wrote about in July. “We see a time in the not too distant future when spatial computing will extend into the wider world of podcasts, audiobooks and storytelling,” added Magic Leap, which shipped its first headset in August 2018, and has so far raised $2.6bn in funding since 2014.

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