Spotify and Netflix team up for Christmas-music playlists


The notion of ‘exclusive Christmas playlists’ may seem a bit strange: with a relatively-small pool of tracks to choose from in the grand scheme of things, unless you’re commissioning original tracks Amazon-style, differentiation is hard. But Spotify has a new spin on the idea: it has partnered with Netflix to launch eight playlists from the cast members of Netflix’s new Christmas film ‘Let It Snow’. From ‘Mitchell’s Romantic Indie Mix’ to ‘Liv’s Queer Power Anthems’ there should be something for all tastes.

Music Ally’s usual ‘Ooh! Look at Spotify and Netflix working together on things, maybe that’s a pointer towards a closer relationship in the future, against the challenge of entertainment bundles from Apple, Amazon and possibly Google!’ hunch applies here too. Although maybe we are overthinking what is, essentially, just a branded-playlists announcement…

In separate news, Spotify has kicked off its annual festive-season promotion, offering three months’ Premium access for a single $9.99 payment to people who’ve subscribed before then churned back to free. People who haven’t subscribed before can take advantage of the usual three-month free Premium trial, meanwhile.

Stuart Dredge

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