Bobby Vee’s ‘Rubber Ball’ has been on our internal jukebox all morning so far – and now on yours, no need to thank us, it’s all part of the service – since spotting a new music/tech startup called ODD Studios.

The London-based company is working on “products that allow everybody to experience the thrill and the pleasure of playing with music”, and the first example will be making its debut soon. “Our first product targets the teenage market and is launching in January 2020 – it is called ODD Ball.

ODD Ball is a bouncy ball that lets you create music by simply bouncing, catching, spinning and throwing a ball,” explains the company’s profile on investment site AngelList. “Imagine if playing a drum set, a piano or an electric guitar was as easy as bouncing a ball. It is all about making the experience of playing with music very accessible, playful and a bit ‘show-offy’.”

The company is promising more products, apps, games and services to come. Like a rubber ball, we’ll come bouncing back to you, our readers, with more news on ODD Ball as we get it.

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