There’s storytelling potential in Google Earth’s new feature


Some of the most creative music-marketing campaigns we’ve reported on over the last decade or so have involved maps and location. So an announcement of a new feature in the Google Earth service piqued our attention this morning.

“With new creation tools now in Google Earth, you can turn our digital globe into your own storytelling canvas, and create a map or story about the places that matter to you,” is how product manager Gopal Shah announced it in a blog post. “With creation tools in Google Earth, you can draw your own placemarks, lines and shapes, then attach your own custom text, images, and videos to these locations. You can organise your story into a narrative and collaborate with others. And when you’ve finished your story, you can share it with others.”

The new tools are available on Google Earth’s web version, but the projects can be viewed on its mobile apps too. We think there is some interesting scope here for artists to tell stories using the new features: who’ll be the first to give it a try?

Stuart Dredge

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