Former PledgeMusic CEO threatens legal action over allegations


There’s a new row involving collapsed crowdfunding service PledgeMusic, and specifically its former CEO Dominic Pandiscia. After a musician – Ken Andrews of the band Failure – made a series of allegations about Pandiscia in a Facebook post, they were picked up by music blog Brooklyn Vegan, in an article that has since been removed from its website. No surprise, either: Pandiscia is threatening legal action over its publication.

“The allegations made against me by Ken Andrews are patently untrue and fabricated. It is irresponsible for any publication to print such inflammatory rhetoric without fact-checking or providing opportunity for comment. Had they done so, it would have cleared up the errors and falsehoods. This leaves me no choice but to explore options for legal action for libel and slander,” Pandiscia told Variety, which also got a response from Andrews. “If the statements I made are all patently false, as Mr. Pandiscia claims, then why didn’t Mr. Pandiscia take the opportunity last night to actually ‘clear up the errors and falsehoods’ directly to the journalist he spoke to? Thousands of Pledge victims, both artists and customers, are all sitting here patiently waiting for a straight talk explanation of what happened.”

The central question remains what happened to money raised by artists using PledgeMusic, which they thought was ‘ring-fenced’ from being spent by the company on its own costs.

Stuart Dredge

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