Wave relaunches its platform for virtual-reality music concerts


Music Ally has been writing about music virtual-reality startup TheWaveVR since it emerged in 2016, impressed by its emphasis on interactivity and game-like visuals with live concert and DJ-set performances, rather than just video.

The company recently rebranded as Wave, and is now formally relaunching itself as a “multi-channel virtual entertainment platform for live concerts”. The big idea is to take its virtual performances well beyond its own app for VR headsets: to social networks, live-video streams and online games, for example. The core tech remains the same: turning artists into avatars on virtual stages, with whizzy computer-generated visuals. However, now these concerts can be streamed to YouTube, Twitch and Facebook, as well as other (unnamed for now) ‘major digital and gaming channels’.

Wave says it’ll also be helping artists to make money from their performances through virtual AND physical merchandise sales, as well as using the fan-donation tools on the social / video platforms (e.g. bit cheering on Twitch).

Wave’s recent concert with artist Lindsey Stirling attracted more than 400,000 live, unique viewers, and thus represents a calling card for what it hopes to do for more artists in the months to come.

Stuart Dredge

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