GigsGuide aims to be ‘the love child of Spotify and Skyscanner’


Swedish startup GigsGuide has a nice one-line pitch, describing itself as “the love child of Spotify and Skyscanner”. Skyscanner being one of the most popular airline price-comparison websites.

The idea behind GigsGuide is that people will use it to search for shows in cities or countries where they are on holiday or travelling for work. It also wraps in flight and accommodation options. You begin by entering your departure city and travel dates – you can also choose to leave the destination city blank and see what is delivers back – and then add in your favourite genres (or connect to your Spotify account) and see what it returns.

To test it, we chose the last week of December, left the destination blank, and among the recommends, all of which were in Europe, were shows by Van Morrison, Rudimental, Ozzy Osborne, Panic! At The Disco, WizKid and a range of local artists we were previously unaware of. Clicking on the name of an act shows all the places they are playing during the date range you set along with suggested flight prices. Of course, you still have to buy tickets for the show and it is unclear if they are sold out or not until you click through to the ticketing partner options.

There are still some tweaks needed, but the idea of rolling gigs into a trip is a good one, especially for anyone who has travelled to a new city only to find out too late that a favourite act is playing the night you land.

Written by: Stuart Dredge