Spotify offers half-price annual subscription in India


Spotify’s annual subscription promotions are of and running in the western world, but the streaming service also has a discount for one of its newest markets: India. The company has halved the price of its annual subscription there from 1,189 rupees (around $16.57) to 699 rupees.

The Hindustan Times reported that the offer lasts until 31 December, and is open to new and existing subscribers, but not to people who want a family plan.

Spotify launched in India in February this year, and signed up more than one million users in its first week. The company hasn’t provided an update on that figure since, although in its last quarterly financial results, for Q3 2019, Spotify said that India “outperformed our forecast by 30% this quarter” thanks in part to its first big marketing campaign since launch.

Stuart Dredge

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