Spotify’s annual Wrapped feature for fans and artists goes live


Expect to see a LOT of Spotify-branded social posts from artists and fans alike today, due to the launch of the streaming service’s annual ‘Wrapped’ promotion. Fans can log in to see data on their listening not just from 2019, but also from the last decade.

It’s the first time Wrapped has been available within Spotify’s app itself, although listeners are also being directed to its dedicated microsite. It’s all tuned for social media though: each Spotify user will get their own ‘card’ to share on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and/or Facebook showing their top artists, songs and genre for 2019 and for the decade – plus a ‘minutes listened’ metric for 2019.

As for artists, they’ll also get a Wrapped section of their Spotify for Artists dashboard, with data including total fan hours streamed, highest number of fan streams per hour, percentage increase in followers, and how many fans had them as their number one artist. Here again, there’ll be a share-card to put on social media, boasting about an artist’s stats.

Written by: Stuart Dredge