Streaming-led recorded-music revival in Italy is lasting


Recorded music revenue in Italy increased 6.7% in the first nine months of the year, according to recorded music body FIMI, with streaming up 28%, a result that suggests the streaming-led revival is having a lasting impact in one of Europe’s most stubbornly analogue markets.

Italy, the subject of our latest Country Profile, ranks 24th out of the 28 EU member states in the organisation’s DESI index of connectivity and digital public services, with more than half of the population lacking basic digital skills. As you might imagine, this has had a negative impact on the country’s digital music take up.

In the IFPI’s 2018 Music Consumer Insight Report, only 53% of people surveyed in Italy said they used audio streaming services, one of the lowest figures for any country surveyed, and FIMI CEO Enzo Mazza tells Music Ally that there are around 1.5m premium subscribers in Italy, significantly below the 2.3m paid streaming subscribers in Spain. Mazza believes that Spotify should be doing far more to drive users to paid subscriptions. “I think, for example, Spotify should focus more on campaign for the premium service, showing the add ons of these model for the music consumers,” he explains. “We have discussed this with them recently: how to promote campaigns to attract premium users.”

Stuart Dredge

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