Jamie Cullum teams with Clos19 for personal song tributes


Anyone who has been to an improv comedy show will know that making up songs on the spot based on audience suggestions is often more admirable than enjoyable. But that’s, in a way, what Jamie Cullum is doing with the release of 19 songs, as part of a partnership with lifestyle retail brand Clos19. Each of the tracks is based on personal tributes to friends sent in by the public.

Last month, Cullum and Clos19 asked people to write a short nomination for a friend or family member they thought deserved a song written personally for them and he’d write songs for the best entries. All 19 have now been written and videos of Cullum performing them are on the Clos19 YouTube channel.

It’s a nice idea, even if we do wonder how many people will sit through all 19 of the tracks, versus just the one that’s about someone they know. But at least this is a brand partnership based on Cullum’s genuine creative efforts.


CC Image courtesy of Raph_PH on Flickr
QueenbdayRAH210418-52” (CC BY 2.0) by Raph_PH


Stuart Dredge

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