Colors moves into the headphones market with first hardware


Regular readers of our Sandbox report will be very familiar with music brand Colors and the minimalist videos it records for artists which are often a key part of their marketing campaigns. The visual aesthetic is based around getting acts to perform in a room that is in a single block colour, the intention being to focus on the performance and the audio while not relying on rapid edits and visual gimmicks. It’s a big deal, and currently has just under 4m subscribers on its YouTube channel.

The company has now moved into hardware with the launch of limited-edition Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones that have been developed in partnership with Danish audio brand AIAIAI. They are high-end, retailing for €249 and are based on the design of AIAIAI’s TMA-2 modular headphones.

Colors says that its sound engineers worked with AIAIAI “to configure their own dedicated sound setting preset” so they can listen to music with Colors’ “signature smooth tone and audio balance”.

It is not the first time Colors has moved its online brand into the physical world, having worked with acts such as Celeste and Mahalia earlier this year to create limited-edition T-shirts based on their Colors sessions. Again, these are not cheap (selling for €49 each), with the emphasis being on high-end items, no doubt intended to echo the high-quality aspirations of the video series.

Written by: Stuart Dredge