Spotify, Tencent Music and Pandora announce their subscriber figures on a quarterly basis, but other music-streaming services can be more selective about when they publish stats (if they do at all). Consultancy firm Midia Research is stepping in to the gap once again, with its latest estimates for the key global streaming services.

“At the end of June 2019 there were 304.9 million music subscribers globally. That was up 34 million on the end of 2018, while the June 2018 to June 2019 growth was 69 million – exactly the same rate of additions as one year earlier,” claimed Midia in a blog post last week. That suggests Spotify had a 36% market share with its 108.1 million subscribers at the end of June – an already-public figure.

What about the rest though? Midia claims the rundown behind Spotify is Apple Music (54.7 million subscribers and an 18% market share); Amazon Music (38.3 million / 13%); Tencent Music (31 million / 10%); Google / YouTube Music (16.2 million / 5%); Deezer (8.5 million / 3%); Pandora (7.1 million / 2%); and South Korea’s Melon (5.3 million / 2%); with other services accounting for 34.5 million subscribers and the remaining 11% global market share.

The key trends: Spotify’s market share is remaining steady; Apple, Amazon and Google/YouTube have grown; and smaller/local services fell back in terms of market share, even if they grew in their actual number of subscribers.

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