Soundcharts algorithm aims to predict breakout stars of 2020


Which rap artists are going to break through in the UK next year? Take a bow Aitch, Jay1, DigDat and 17 others featured in a list published by analytics firm Soundcharts. But this list isn’t the usual ‘experts making their tips’ affair: it’s the result of an algorithm developed by Soundcharts analysing data from YouTube, Deezer, Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Shazam, Instagram, Twitter and more than 200 British radio stations.

“Instead of producing another list of ‘fastest-growing artists’, it locates the surge in engagement, pairing big data analytics with our expertise and industry insight,” claimed Soundcharts in its blog post. It noted that the chart is limited to artists who released their first commercial track after 2017, and also that one artist who the algorithm picked out – Unknown T – has been removed from the list after being charged with murder earlier this year. Soundcharts says the list is its “first predictive chart” so it sounds like others will follow.

Stuart Dredge

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