Startup Qjam aims to popularise ‘digital signings’ from artists


With the decline of high-street record stores, not to mention the rise of smartphones, are artist-signing events dying out? Scribbled signatures may pale compared to selfies, but a startup called Qjam is aiming to give signings a new, digital spin.

It’s launched an Android and iOS app that fans can use to stream live video of an artist ‘signing’ digital artwork, which will then be sent to them. Fans wait in a digital ‘queue’ with its own group chat, with the tech enabling some of those fans to be plucked out for live video chats with the artist.

Music-industry veteran Toby Harris (of 100% Records) co-founded the company with Anthony Rose, who longtime readers may remember for his involvement in the early BBC iPlayer, and second-screen TV startup Zeebox. Qjam also nabbed a big name to launch with: former One Direction star Liam Payne held its first digital signing, viewed by more than 9,000 fans. You can watch highlights of that here – Payne more than many artists may appreciate an alternative to endless fan-selfies

Stuart Dredge

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