Spotify is finishing 2019 by making some noise about its most popular playlist, Today’s Top Hits, which has just reached its latest milestone. The playlist now has more than 25 million followers, and according to Spotify has been streamed more than 20bn times since its launch in 2014.

The playlist is Spotify’s most popular by some distance: more than 10 million followers ahead of its next-biggest playlist Global Top 50 (14.5 million) with Rap Caviar (12.4 million) and Viva Latino (10.4 million) behind that. Based on the figures from Spotify’s last quarterly financial results, Today’s Top Hits is followed by around just under 10% of Spotify’s active users.

Music Ally has been digging in to the stats on Today’s Top Hits on analytics platform Chartmetric to find out a bit more. The playlist’s followers have grown steadily since that company began tracking it in 2016: in mid-November that year it had 11.8 million followers, so has added an average of 357,000 followers a month ever since.

25 million people may follow Today’s Top Hits, but how many of them listen to it? Chartmetric claims that the playlist’s average monthly listeners are 2.9 million, although its maximum has been 6.6 million. That’s a monthly listener to followers ratio of 22%, which actually compares well to other big playlists on Spotify: Rap Caviar’s is 8% and Global Top 50’s 10% for example, although Viva Latino and Baila Reggaeton’s are 19% and 22% respectively, according to Chartmetric.

Spotify’s public stats, both within its apps and through the API that analytics firm use, mean we have much more data on its playlist stats than on those of rival streaming services. Apple Music’s Today’s Hits and Amazon’s All Hits are the equivalents on those services, but there aren’t any public figures for their followings.

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