New DJ mixes on Deezer promise ‘fair artist revenues’


Deezer is adding a selection of DJ mixes to its streaming service, with Michael Mayer, Modeselektor, Mark Knight, Wil Saul, Sultan + Shepard and Makoto among the DJs taking part, with the first mixes launching on 30 December.

Mix sets have long been a tricky area for music-streaming services, in terms of rights clearances and royalty calculations. It’s one reason startups like Dubset have emerged to handle those tasks and make mixes available for DSPs. Deezer declined to provide specific details about the licensing when Music Ally asked, but its spokesperson said that the company has been working directly with labels in this case.

Deezer will be adding more DJ sets in February 2020 “from the labels involved in our pilot launch” as well as Warp Records. In its announcement, Deezer also stressed that “unlike others, we’re making sure each featured artist gets their fair share of revenues when you enjoy their mix”.

The mixes will actually be served up as playlists, with the first track being the full-length mix, followed by the individual tracks featured within it – the idea being that people will be able to easily favourite the tracks they like while listening to the mix.

Stuart Dredge

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