Sound Royalties backs Wyclef Jean’s Carnival World Music Group


Fugees and solo star Wyclef Jean has founded a music publisher and distributor that will focus initially on working with songwriters and artists in Africa. It’s called Carnival World Music Group, and now it has some financial backing from music-investment firm Sound Royalties. That company is better known for its business offering royalty advances to musicians, while adopting a firm policy of not taking ownership of their rights.

This is in essence an extension of one of those deals: Jean is “using the financing from Sound Royalties” to back his new venture. “The demand for music from Africa and other developing regions is growing, and these professional creatives deserve to be a part of the international music marketplace,” he said, in a statement. There is a need for them to have open access to global publishing and distribution options that protect their rights and ensure they’re fairly paid.”

If not before, we may hear more about how the venture is going next June, as Jean has just been announced as a speaker at the Midem conference in Cannes, delivering a music-production ‘masterclass’ in partnership with Sound Royalties.

Stuart Dredge

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